Faviana Prom Dresses and Faviana Homecoming Dresses 2023

For the modern lady who’s not afraid to stand out, Peaches Boutique offers its Faviana prom dresses 2023 collection, which includes the understated version yet still glamorous style of Faviana homecoming dresses. Lauded internationally for their chic, contemporary urban aesthetic, the brand’s innovative designs are infused with the determined and confident essence of New York City. A Faviana dress will command respect, inspiring you to carry yourself with poise and drive.


Exclusive Collection of Faviana Prom Dresses, One of New York's Leading Designers!

Choose to wear a Faviana prom dress and move with elegance, stopping everyone in their tracks. Take a peek at our collection of Faviana formal dresses here at Peaches Boutique.

A Faviana glamour dress is intended to exude that dauntless, sophisticated vibe of a modern woman. Even the soft color of a Faviana white prom dress and a Faviana light blue prom dress radiate calm confidence and lucidity. Shipped straight from one of New York’s top design houses, our Faviana prom dresses 2023 collection is tastefully enriched with clean lines customary of contemporary designs and distinct embellishments.

Choose Unique Faviana Dresses in Many Colors, Such as Black, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Gold

The brand specializes in unique silhouettes, and these are available in a wide range of colors. For those into bold hues, you can glow in metallics such as a Faviana gold prom dress, look fierce in a Faviana red dress, or go for the classic and versatile Faviana black prom dress.

Our Faviana yellow dress is among this season’s hottest colors, along with our Faviana green dress. You’ll also never go wrong with a Faviana blue dress, which continues to be a favorite at many events. More colors to see here at Peaches Boutique, so feel free to browse our pages.

Explore Amazing Creations by Shala Moradi From Faviana Red Prom Dress Designs to Wonderful Faviana Satin Prom Dresses for 2023

Let this fresh batch of Faviana prom dresses 2023 selection bring out that refined personality that will someday make a mark on this world. Indulge in the most coveted designs by Shala Moradi, from variations of the classic Faviana red prom dress to the open-back, ethereal Faviana satin prom dress, all created to help you make walk confidently into the ballroom and make a statement on the most important night of your teenage life.

Maybe you want an off-the-shoulder Faviana red dress that impeccably drapes against your body, something with high slits, or maybe a plunging neckline is more of your preference. We also have a Faviana two-piece prom dress, or you can go for a sexy low-back, floor-length Faviana satin prom dress. From wonderful red silk prom dresses to elegant black prom dress designs, Faviana has the style and color you want. The Faviana prom dresses 2023 selection also includes embellishments, with lace, beading, sequins, or rhinestones encrusting the bodice down to the skirt.

Since being Founded in 1988 in New York City, Faviana Dresses Have Become Synonymous with Prom Dresses

Faviana formal dresses and tight-fitted prom dresses are created for ladies to be the main characters in their special moments. Inspired by the glamour seen on the red carpet and, of course, by sophisticated New York City, where the Moradi Family founded the design house in 1988, a Faviana prom dress embodies a driven woman’s spirit through modern silhouettes and bold designs. Embracing diversity among women, a Faviana glamour prom dress is available in sizes 00 to 24W.

The brand produces Faviana prom dress styles accentuating curves for every body type so that young ladies will find their dream dresses in their size and shape. But a Faviana gown is not just about the desired length or a choice between a fitted and flowy skirt. The Faviana brand carries a sense of social responsibility, establishing empowerment movements focusing on women’s well-being. When you buy that Faviana emerald green dress, you’ll be supporting a good cause as well.

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Enter the ballroom looking in a dress that looked like it was made for the red carpet, whether it be a form-fitting Faviana white prom dress or something that’s fun and flirty, like a short one with a sequined bodice. No need to head over to the dress shop. You can browse through Peaches Boutique’s website, and order Faviana dresses on sale. Finding the perfect dress through us is easy; you can customize your search for Faviana dresses on sale by size, color, and even by Faviana dress prices - between $99 and $403.

Shop Today from the Perfect Long and Short Faviana Prom Dresses 2023 Collection; We Have Dilliegntly Curated!

There’s no better place to get a Faviana short dress than Peaches Boutique. We have every item from the Faviana prom dresses 2023 collection in all available lengths.

Confidently walk around in a Faviana cocktail dress or a floor-length masterpiece. Whether it be a Faviana short prom dress or a cute long prom dress, our shop has what you’re looking for with our wide range of styles and lengths. We also have marked-down Faviana dress prices, as the brand continues to release exquisite pieces every season and we have to make way for the Faviana prom dresses 2023 selection.

Faviana Prom Dresses FAQs

Where are Faviana dresses made?

Faviana dresses are created at the brand’s New York studio from the sketches of Shala Moradi, the creative director. No question about authenticity when shopping at Peaches Boutique for that perfect shade of Faviana green dress; we’re an authorized retailer of the brand. Peaches Boutique has brought this internationally revered brand closer to your location, so you can have that Faviana emerald green dress you’ve been dreaming of and stand out on prom night.

Who is Shala Moradi?

Shala Moradi is the brand’s creative director and is responsible for the luxe designs of every Faviana glamour dress. The sleek design of a Faviana gown is often lavishly embellished with sequins and lace appliques, among others. Each Faviana cocktail dress or long gown is inspired mainly by the fast-phased, elegant New York lifestyle, always sophisticated and contemporary.

How many years has Faviana been making prom dresses?

Faviana has been making prom dresses since 1988, which means more than three decades of experience has been put into the creation of a Faviana two-piece prom dress as well as other gowns by the brand. It’s no surprise that a Faviana black prom dress, for example, would often take the spotlight; the brand is one of the internationally respected designers. For the latest collection, check out Peaches Boutique. If it’s a Faviana light blue prom dress you’re looking for, you would find them with us as we stock a wide range of their creations.

Are Faviana homecoming dresses popular with students?

They are. A lot of students want to make their special events memorable, starting with what they wear. Students love to show off their more mature side during an event as important as homecoming. With the elegance of Faviana homecoming dresses, ladies would feel more confident as well as more proper in their movements and manner of speaking. The brand also promotes women's empowerment, and a Faviana gold dress would be perfect for someone with great ambition and leadership. The brand is mindful of the latest trends and would keep tabs on them, if not starting a trend itself. This means their dresses would never be left behind when it comes to style. Created for the fashion smart girl, you would often see the brand’s popular colors, from the staple Faviana blue dress to the rising favorite that is the Faviana yellow dress, in fashion magazines.